Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Worker's Takeout

1620 Dodge Street (Basement of First National Building)
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 991-6131
Open 11am-2pm Monday thru Friday; better set an alarm!

THEE Cuban Pork Roast (Half version)
This place used to be attached to O'leaver's Pub, which, judging by the clientele there, might be the last place you'd want to market your workforce-centric sandwiches. Note the cute Communist theme on the website. Now "Worker's," as those who know call it, is located downtown, sharing counter space with a Scooter's coffee. Less dinge and more suits, but still with the same kick-ass Cuban. Notable here is the value: The ingredients are absolute top, and you can get a giant half sandwich plus chips and pickle for four bucks! The veggie deluxe sand with jalapeƱos is killer; the meat is not missed. Maybe ask for light cheese, though, unless you're in the mood for your sandwich to ooze out the sides.
The Veggie Deluxe Half Sandwich
Skip the kettle chips and add a side of potato salad, or the beans and rice, or a CONEY DOG. Hard workers need hearty food you know.
Red Potato Salad

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