Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dessert at V. Mertz

1022 Howard Street
Omaha, NE 68102
Open for dinner Tues thru Sat at 5:30pm

"Chocolate Mascarpone ($8):
Mascarpone Mousse, Flourless Cake, Devil's Food, Raspberry, Mint"

Yes, they even let bums like me into this lavish joint. Anywhere that's touted as "one of the most expensive restaurants in Omaha" might sound a little intimidating, but not too much to mosey on up to the bar, have myself a seat and order some whiskey and cake. The Chocolate Mascarpone had alternating bites of flourless chocolate and devil's food cake, along with mint oil and cranberry cubes. Apart from the involved plating, the cake could indeed stand on its own. Their Manhattan cocktail was gloriously smooth, I suspect due to the addition of a little Ruby Port. I would so slip into V. Mertz after work for one of those in my business suit if I owned a business suit.

I suggest the Mertz crew remind themselves there is a fine line between earned pretentiousness and acting downright cocky. At nicer places, I'm prepared to hear the staff speaking with a faux-British inflection and scoffing at my rookie wine pairings. But when the bartender uttered the words, "Everything's amazing, I trust?" I almost choked on my decorative pointy chocolate shard.

Read the rest of my flourless chocolate adventures here.

"V. Mertz Manhattan ($10):
Bulleit Bourbon, Ruby Port, Sweet Vermouth, Creme de Cassis and Angustura bitters"
(Psst... Mertz... You spelled Angostura wrong!)

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