Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Thoughts (Rants)

Chicken Caesar Salad from Upstream Brewing Company Old Market ($11.99)

I've been to Upstream a few times, mostly by accident. On the last visit, someone ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad (Was it me? You'll never know.) and I was super turned off by the unstylish Land-o-Lakes pat of butter resting on the slab of brown Texas toast thing. I'm not a stickler, but at some price point there should be no more packaged condiments on the plate, and definitely not sitting on the food. It's like if J. Coco served their pommes frites on a bed of McDonald's ketchup packets.

Fried Cheese Curds from Crescent Moon ($5.95)

I don't really dig these mini deep fryer baskets. Is that supposed to be cute? Are you trying to remind me that fried cheese curds are deep fried, as if I've forgotten? Might as well serve it with some soybean oil dipping sauce too, eh? The little fryer basket makes it very difficult for me to conveniently forget how unhealthy this stuff is, which is really a shame.

Pastries from International Bakery, 24th and P St (50 cents each)

I was totally stoked to check out International Bakery. Actually, I hadn't planned on it at all, but I was en route to taco time and got distracted by the smell of delicious baked items wafting through the air. Unfortunately, none of the things I tried tasted even remotely like what I thought they would, in a bad way. I'm sure my nose will highjack me into going here again, but next time no custard-filled horn for me.

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