Monday, January 16, 2012

Abelardo's Authentic Mexican Food

3121 Q Street
Omaha, NE 68107
Plus two other locations in Omaha

Combo # I Forget:
One cheese enchilada, one crunchy beef taco, beans and rice

Abelardo's is the picture next to "drunk food" in the dictionary. The problem is, I'm never partying near South O, or any of their other locations. Maybe we need to start designating a sober-ish taco driver to make the run. My snobby Arizonan dining buddy says these types of 24-hour Mexican drive thrus are prevalent in the Southwest, and it's often unsaid that you will wind up there after a night out. However, when you eat this food during the day you must exercise caution (and self-restraint) so that you don't wind up with a massive tummy ache. This is gut busting stuff, designed to sop up booze of all colors and potencies.

It's also the ultimate disconnection from your food. Not only do you have no clue where the meat comes from, but they hand you the whole package through a window so high that unless you're driving a bus you can't see inside. You then take the neatly wrapped layers of styrofoam and plastic home, where it's time to indulge in double corn tortillas with guacamole, and the occasional extra chewy piece of carnitas. With the combo plate, I like to run a forkful of beans over everything else and see what sticks to it.

Folks, there's much better Mexican food in Omaha. But at 3am? Nope. This is it.

(Someday I'll share with you my thoughts on the undeservingly popular La Esmeralda...)

Carnitas Taco

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