Monday, January 30, 2012

Bomb Digs Food Truck

Wherever the truck may roam... lately at 72nd and Dodge.
Follow @bomb_digs for details.

You can't miss this wacky truck.

Ever liked something just cause it's cool? Did you ever really get that movie Lost in Translation? Do you really think Sleigh Bells is good music? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO TO COACHELLA? Or do you click "like" just cause you feel you should? Would you even admit it?

I feel a little like I'm supposed to like food trucks, cause they're popular in L.A. and Austin, and even Kansas City. Omaha's had a few in the past, but with Bomb Digs, the Barbeque Barn, and Localmotive (coming soon), it seems the big trend is finally hitting our little city. Can it work in a town with very few pedestrian friendly areas and very many extreme weather days? We shall see. For now, all I care about is the Foodie Special at Bomb Digs, which I downed in a matter of minutes. Once you've experienced the flautas, a cream cheesy chicken delight over crunchy apple slaw, there's nowhere to go but down. Once you've felt the gentile sting of the red chili sauce on your tongue, all other foods seem utterly ho hum and drab. These things were so well rolled, and fried to a perfect and greaseless golden brown, that I didn't even use my napkin. It was kind of unreal.

Only time -- and a lot more parking lot lunches -- will tell if Bomb Digs can keep up with their game. I implore them to consider a meatless option. (Vegetarians think food trucks are cool, too.) Until then, I might be finding more excuses to go to Target, as long as they're hanging around 72nd and Dodge.

Foodie Special:
"Shredded chicken, green onions, mozzarella & cream cheese
wrapped in a flour tortilla and fried.
The flautas are served atop an apple coleslaw covered in a poblano & red chili sauces."

The Menu--
Get there early before they run out of stuff.


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